Word Templates

Which image format (.jpg, .tif, .png, .gif, .bmp) should be used to keep file size down? for best resolution? where transparency is needed? for a file which will ultimately be PDF’d? How does transparency translate to PDF? How are illustrations best imported from Illustrator into PowerPoint? What about charts imported from Excel: which technique ensures the confidentiality of your underlying data? Which allows for the updating of charts based on external databases? The answers depend on your unique circumstances — and come from years of “doing it right.”

Production support may rarely be required for day-to-day workload where a working template is in place and the document originated from that template. But it can be indispensable when bringing legacy documents into a new template, or rolling out quarterly reporting, or putting together a modular RFP. In other words, the kinds of projects for which a temp might be hired — and it’s never a sure thing that that individual will possess the expertise to complete the project successfully and leave a viable document behind as a base for future updates.